Brian Colbath is currently concentrating on oil painting. The oils that Colbath is doing right now are both rural and city landscapes.


Most of my teaching is done in the health care field, at nursing homes or other elderly housing facilities. This is a population I am most comfortable in and truly enjoy working with. I also teach private lessons and adult classes at the West Hartford Art League. Paint parties are also very popular, and I love doing them. I teach in oils, all students create their own image. Recently I have also ventured into online classes to meet the new need for internet learning.


I love doing murals of all types, in a child’s bedroom or in a business setting. It is thrilling for me to take a space and create an environment in your unique facility. The mural can blend in to the surroundings, create depth to a small space, or encourage emotion.


  • Brian Colbath

    Local Artist | Instructor: I Brian Colbath, have been creating art for my whole life and have been in shows and exhibits since 1985. In that time a have explored many types of mediums and some different styles as well, but always seem to gravitate back to what I love which is what I would call an impressionistic realism.

    I have also in the last 30 years built a small business going to nursing homes and teaching residents living their how-to oil paint. This has become a very rewarding part of my career. I now go to about 50 different homes a month.

    Teaching has also become an important part of my life. I have been a part of the faculty at the West Harford Art League for 15 years, and have also taught in other community-based organizations, I also do personal classes and I am recently trying my hand at online teaching.

    Along with teaching comes this newest thing called painting parties. I love this trend. My classes are a little different. They are done in oils, everyone picks their own photo to work from, I will draw it and together we will paint it.

    Another part of my artistic life has been murals. I do love re-defining a space. Hiding its imperfections, enhancing its attributes and creating a new space that tells a story, suits a purpose, or just fun to look at. My work at the Lutz children’s museum, painting, building, and creating for the last 13 years has been most rewarding

    In my carrier as an artist there has been many exhibits, shows, grants, and awards, here are some that I am most proud of.

    2015 Noah Webster House one man show. My Philippine experiences

    2005 The Golden age of Trucking Museum, one person show art with a truck theme

    2002 Salt Box Gallery, one-person show

    2002 Norwich arts council Cooperative Gallery, Honorable Mention

    Ct. Commission of the Arts, National Endowment of the arts Urban Artist Initiative, three-year program to develop a high level of professionalism.

    2003 Spring Connecticut Watercolor Society, First Place

    2003 Temporary art installation “Remember compassion”. An instillation on the first Iraq war

    Art is not the only thing important in my life but it has always been there and would not be who I am without it.


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